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Veterinary Radiology at Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Radiology

When your pet requires x-rays, we can provide quick and accurate results using digital radiology. Digital radiology allows us to examine your pet’s internal systems to screen for fractures and sprains, foreign objects, abnormalities within the organs, and even certain types of cancer.

With digital radiology, our veterinarians are able to view high quality images that help us accurately diagnose your pet’s condition. Thanks to this sophisticated technology, digital x-rays are available within seconds. These quick results help us treat your pet as soon as possible, so they can have a faster recovery. Digital radiology is also safer for your pet and the environment! Compared to traditional film x-rays, digital x-rays use far less radiation and there are no chemicals to contaminate water systems.

Digital Dental Radiology (Coming Soon)

Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital also provides digital dental x-rays that allow us to closely examine your pet during their annual exam. Digital dental radiology helps us visualize the anatomy of your pet's mouth including the teeth, gums, roots, and surrounding bone. Our veterinarians can then diagnose bone loss or hidden disease that may be present within the roots and other areas that may need advanced treatment.

For more information about our digital radiology services, please call us today at 313-389-2222.

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